If your IP has been temporarily blocked, it will prevent you from surfing the internet. This may cause some panic but don´t worry we´ll explain how to unblock your IP and how it got in the first place.

Why did my IP get blocked in the first place?

Your IP can get blocked for a number of reasons, but here are the most common:

  • Conflicting with your firewall
  • You made multiple unsuccessful login requests
  • Because of suspicious operations
  • You connected from a restricted location
  • Rule violation

As you see, there´s a number of reasons why your IP could have gotten blocked. IP blocking usually varies according to web page terms or restrictions, so you probably got your IP blocked accidentally, so don´t worry.

How do I unblock my IP address?

As with IP blocking, unblocking the IP can vary depending on the web´s terms and restrictions so there isn’t a single way to do it that will work all the time.

Some sites will inform you of the IP block through an email giving you the reasons why you were blocked. They will then ask you to wait at least 24 hrs until you get automatically unblocked by the server.

But the majority of sites won´t notify you when you´re blocked. For that reason, here´s some things you can do to unblock your IP:

1) See why you got blocked

If the site doesn´t notify that you´ve been blocked, you can read the terms and conditions of the site and see if you´re not following one of their guidelines. If it´s the case just try contacting the site or wait for a day until they unblock your IP

2) Make sure you configured your mail server correctly

Any wrongly placed character could flag your network on a blacklist and potentially block your IP address. To get off of the blacklist you´ll have to correct forward DNS records and SMTP banners

3) Check for updates

Before anything, check for any type of malware in your computer to see if its conflicting with your IP. Then see if there are any updates available to your computer. These updates usually correct any security issues which will allow you to unblock your IP

4) Connect to a different network

Changing the Wifi network you login to will automatically change your IP address. This will let you access the site you had your IP blocked.

5) Use a VPN service

VPN services will let you connect to different networks, thus changing your IP every time. Using a VPN will allow you to use a different IP and keep connecting to any sites that would have blocked your address.

6) Contact the site

Finally, contact the site your IP got blocked on. They´ll give you insight on why your IP got blocked and can unblock it themselves, with no need of doing the steps mentioned earlier.

In the end, having your IP temporarily blocked is something that happens frequently. Although it seems panicky at first, it´s a small problem with an easy solution that shouldn´t take much of your time to fix, so don´t worry.

We hope this article was useful. If you want to read more about hosting or tech related articles, be sure to check out the rest of the Obambu Guide.

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