Are you unable to receive or send email? Don´t worry, in this article we´ll explain how to solve the problem.

Steps to solving the email receiving problem

Sometimes solving these types of problems can be tricky. There are a lot of variables involved so you´ll have to be patient. But don´t worry, if you try these steps you´ll be sending emails in no time:

1. Preliminar solutions

First of all, discard the most common and easy to fix problems:

  • Check that your internet connection is working well. If not try restarting your router or wait until the connection is re-established.
  • Try and send yourself an email. If you don´t receive it, see if your login in your mail using your full address and not the cPanel username.
  • Check the email address your sending to: it´s possible that you may have made an error while typing the receiver´s address or maybe the
  • Check the spam bin: sometimes incoming email can be treated as spam. For that reason, try checking your spam bin to see if your incoming mail ended up there.

2. Intermediate solutions

  • Check the firewall or antivirus: sometimes incoming email gets treated as spam by your antivirus or firewall which prevents you from receiving it. Try changing your firewall settings and see if you can fix the problem that way.
  • Check that you´re using the correct server port. Check your SMTP and POP settings
  • Contact your hosting provider: They´ll probably find a solution for the problem in no time and save you time.

3. Advanced solutions

If you´re still unable to receive or send any email,

  • Check your plugins: If you use WordPress to send and receive email, check if some of your plugins are interfering with the mail. For this, be sure to check the plugin settings and keep them updated to avoid problems
  • Check the server: if you run your own mail server, be sure to check if it´s running properly. If not, be sure to check the server´s error logs and settings to find the cause of the problem
  • Change SMTP port: normally your default port can be blocked as spam by some providers. For this reason, try port 464 or 587.

These three types of tips should finally help you solve the problem and let you receive or send email in no time.

We hope this article was useful. If you´re interested in more tutorial articles about email and hosting, be sure to check out the tutorials section on our guide.

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