G suite (now called google workspace) is Google´s catalogue of intelligent apps: Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive… but destined for a more professional use.

Now you may be thinking why should I pay Google if these apps and services are free to use? And to be fair maybe you don´t need to. But if you run a business it does have a list of benefits that can make work much easier:

G suite (Workspace) benefits

G suite (Workspace) is web-based software, which means that you can access it wherever, whenever and with whatever device as long as you have internet connection.

This implies that the google apps you use don´t need a dedicated server to support them because at the end of the day you´re using Google´s online servers on demand.

With the workspace plans starting from 5$, there are some G suite benefits you shouldn´t oversee:

1. Reliability and security

Using Google´s servers and data centres means that your data is secure and available whenever you want it. There´s also no reason to lose sleep on downtime because Google´s cloud computing transitions between servers

2. No need to use microsoft office

With Google Docs, Sheets and Slides you can easily share your work and projects with your colleagues and can even work at the same time on the same document. This gets rid of the hassle of sending files and having meetings to see the progress on a project.

Also, everything you do on these apps will automatically get saved on Google´s cloud. Which avoids the stress and heart attack inducing memory loss that can happen on personal computers.

3. Price

The price of a baseline G suite (workspace) membership is 5$ per month, which comes with an email domain of your choice and 30Gb of cloud storage. But you can scale it up to unlimited storage use if you buy the enterprise package.

Which is a very good price for what the reliability and quality of service that Google Workspace has to offer.

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