The .me domain is currently one of the most sought-after domain extension names in the hosting market.

The name corresponds to the country code top-level domain (TLD) of Montenegro but the TLD is available for registration worldwide.

The .me domain is a great name to add to your website´s address and give your website a more catchy and personal identity. In this article we´ll dive a bit deeper on what domain extensions are and why you should use the .me domain name.

What is a domain extension?

Domain extensions are the final part of any domain name (.com,…). They give websites their identity (like what country they´re from, what they do…). There are different types of domain extensions:

  • Restricted extensions: they´re intended for specific websites so normally you´ll have to provide more information about your site while registering this extension. An example of these types of extensions are the .pro extension name
  • Generic: the most common and used extensions. These aren´t restricted to any country or specific site. Examples of these are .com . org
  • Sponsored:  these extensions are reserved to companies and organizations. For these extensions you need to fulfil some requirements to register them. These are the .aero, .edu…
  • Country code domains: each country has it´s TLD that helps local customers find native sites. They´re also quite flexible and can be used for more than identifying the site´s location. Examples of these extensions are, .us, .me

What is .me used for?

As we´ve said earlier, the .me can be a great extension to further personalize your domain name.

The extension can give a personal touch to give sites that are focused on a specific person or social media websites a catchier name.

The .me extension is also a good idea if you´re from the Middle East or if your target audience is from there. The reason being that .me stands for Middle East so clients from there can easily recognize it.

Are .me domains good for SEO?

.me domains are ranked and treated the same way by Google as other generic and popular TLD´s like .com, .net… making this type of domain very trustworthy and spam free.

Also with this domain name there are more possibilities of creating a catchy and distinctive name to your website. Which will attract more visitors and help your site reach the top page positions.

Are .me domains safe?

Short answer is yes, they are. Due to its popularity, a lot of big brands and websites use the .me extension and a wide array of hosting providers offer the .me TLD. This makes it accessible for everyone and completely safe as long as you trust your hosting provider.

Where can I get a .me domain?

Now that you´ve read about the .me extension and heard about it´s benefits, you might be interested in adding it to your website. But you may think, where can I find a reliable provider?

We´ll you can start by checking out. Here at Obambu we have more than 10 years of experience and offer more than 200 TLD´s (including the .me extension).

Our domain name service comes with full DNS management, WHOIS protection, email and web forwarding and the same price renewal.

Remember, choosing the correct TLD is super important in having a good domain name that can attract customers. So, you should choose wisely.

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