WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It´s a very useful program used to provide access and manage servers or VPS. It is also used by hosting providers for managing customer´s accounts. On the following article, we´ll get more into how WHM can be useful and what it´s used for.

Why is WHM useful?

This tool helps you control and manage multiple sites. This also means you have the option of creating and managing multiple cPanels or even sell hosting services to other people. These are some of the many advantages of using WHM:

1. Manage cPanel acounts:

It lets you manage and monitor your sites and create or delete multiple cPanel accounts. It also lets you access and check all of your domain DNS zones, change domains, client usernames or reset passwords very easily.

Also if you have sites that take credit cards, WHM allows you to process the different c-panel accounts instead of doing them one by one, which saves you time and money

2. Added safety

If one of your accounts gets hacked, it is very unlickely they would be able to access the rest of your sites located in the whm.

Also, it is impossible for someone to tell that the different sites you manage are linked to the same WHM account, which gives you much more privacy.

3. Supervise servers:

Your server´s activity can be traced indicating things like bandwidth or disk usage which comes in handy if you sell hosting services.

4. Set multiple hosting packages:

With WHM you can choose how to divide your server´s storage. This lets you provide different types of hosting plans at different prices.

5. Customize your reseller brand:

Although you´re reselling the server, you might want to customize your service with logos, links or cPanel style. Well, with WHM you can do all of this.

Now as you´re reading you might be thinking what´s the difference between WHM and cPanel? Don´t worry, the answer is just below:

What is the difference between Cpanel and WHM?

As you may know by now, cPanel is an online control panel that lets you access the backline of your site and manage its files.

When you buy a hosting plan, your hosting provider will usually give you access to a cPanel account. This lets you manage both your site and hosting account and makes it easier to access and modify your website.

WHM on the other hand as you´ve read by now is the tool the hosting providers and resellers mainly use to manage their clients cPanel accounts and ensure everything in their server is running smoothly to guarantee good customer experience.

To keep it short, the difference between them is that cPanel is used to manage single hosting accounts and websites while WHM is for managing numerous cPanel accounts and websites.

If you plan on having a single website, then cPanel is what you will use. If you have several websites or want to resell hosting services, then WHM is the tool you need to use.

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