Youtube to mp3 converters have always been very popular and useful. They let you download youtube videos or audio to watch later or save to see in places where you don´t have any internet connection.

A lot of these converters make you pay monthly fees to convert youtube videos to a mp3 format. But don´t worry, in this article we´ll look at which are the best free options you have to convert Youtube videos.

Are mp3 converters legal?

There´s a bit of controversy around the use of mp3 converters to download youtube videos.

Google guidelines forbid downloading videos freely because it´s detrimental to content creators that monetize their videos and for various copyright issues. But if the content creator allows you to download the video or doesn´t have any copyright, you can download the video.

Now that you know the legality of downloading videos, here´s the list of free converters we trust the most.

Top 5 youtube to mp3 converters

Only mp3

This is a good and safe site for downloading Youtube videos. You just paste the link of the video and then download the file onto your computer.

It´s compatible with both windows and IOS including all of the browsers. The converter also doesn´t require to sign in and is secured with ssl encryption


Ytsilo is similar to Only mp3, you simply paste the video url you want to download and download the file to your computer.

This site is good for windows but for what i´ve tested, IOS systems struggle to allow you to download the file for some reason.

It´s still trustworthy enough to use, but maybe you´re better off using Only mp3.


This program makes converting Youtube to Mp3 very simple and seamless. It´s very straightforward to use. You just paste the URL and download the video.

The downside of this converter is that it bundles extra unnecessary software that can be a bit annoying

4K video downloader

The free version of this program is still easy to use but has it´s limitations. It lets you download up to 24 videos in a playlist and allows you to convert longer playlists in mp3 format. Making it perfect for downloading music from youtube.

The downside of this converter is that it´s only available for windows devices. You´ll also have to be careful with licence requirements when downloading long playlists.

Any video converter free

Apart from downloading videos from Youtube, this program allows you to convert videos to different formats which is very useful.

In regard to downloading videos from youtube, you just paste the URL of the video and download the file on the computer. The difference with this program from the rest is that it allows you to chose and change the video format you download the video.

Are Youtbe to MP3 converters safe?

You might be wondering if downloading a file from a weird program that allows you to download videos from youtube (which is partially illegal) can be trusted.

And your concern is without reason, there are a lot of shady video converters that might slip unwanted software or malware on the video file you download. For that reason you have to be very careful with the sites you trust.

The list of programs we showed are tested and safe to use but you still should be cautious and ran a scan on the files you download whichever the site is.


In essence, all of the programs do a very similar job and service won´t vary that much from site to site. Our recommendation would be to check these lists of programs for yourself and see which one you trust the most.

And remember, downloading videos without creator´s permission is illegal and we don´t encourage you to do it, so proceed at your own risk.

This said, we hope you enjoyed this article, if your interested in more hosting and technology articles, check out the rest of the Obambu Guide.


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