If you have any kind of experience surfing the internet, you may have heard of the word URL.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, they are the reference webpages have to be found on web browsers. To keep it simple, think of it as the address each website has on the browser, each website has a unique one.

In this article we´ll dive a little deeper on what the URL is and why it´s important to understand it.


The URL is divided in several parts:

What is URL?
  • Protocol: in this case, https://. This part identifies what protocol to use as access. These protocols are http and https for web resources and mail addresses. The resource is then reached through the DNS.
  • Domain name: here it´s obambu.com This is the reference that identifies the webpage. It´s unique for each website and is the core part of the URL.
  • Path: These are the / you see throughout the image. This indicates the folder structure of the website. With the path, the browser knows what subfolder to find in the webpage
  • Webpage: In this case, en and build-your-website. This final part shows the specific page you want to visit. It usually has the same name as the file of the page stored in the computer

Why is a URL important?

While designing a website, the URL is one of the most important things to take into account because it’s the way your visitors will know and access your site.

Also, how you write your URL seriously impacts your site´s SEO, adding keywords to it and not many characters can help you position yourself higher up in the page rankings and gain more customers.

For this reason, you shouldn´t overlook the power this simple address can give your website. It can literally be the reason your site succeeds or fails.

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