While starting your website you might think to yourself What do i go for a .com or a .co.uk domain?

The answer really comes down to what you want your site for and what audience you want to attract:

The .co.uk domain tag shows that the website deals with clients based on the uk, meaning  other potential customers abroad will struggle to find your website. The .com extension on the other hand deals with customers globally.

Still don´t know which to choose right? In this article we´ll explore the differences between both extensions so you can make the choice that best suits your business.

Benefits of a .com suffix

The .com extension isn´t adjusted to any specific area, this means that it´s potential market is as big as the web itself. For that reason, a business that wants to extend to a global market might prefer to have a .com extension.

A .com suffix may also seem more legitimate for potential clients searching from different areas.

Benefits of a .co.uk suffix

A local domain extension like .co.uk is suited best for businesses that want to focus more on their local market. The reason is most websites clicked in the UK will have the .co.uk suffix. This will give you an advantage when people search for your business from the UK and give local potential customers the validation of working with a local business.

The downside is that people outside the uk may not find your website as easily and won´t trust it as much as one with the .com suffix.

In short, you should analyse the customers your business works with. If you’re a small/medium business that only deals inside the uk (painter, local restaurant, plumber…) you should go for the .co.uk extension.

On the other hand if your target is a bigger audience or people abroad (tourism agency, ecommerce business…) then go for the .com domain.

Can I have a .com and a .co.uk suffix for the same website?

Of course you can! But it comes with a catch. If you buy a .com and a .co.uk domain for the same site, you´ll have to make sure they direct to a single location to assure SEO. Which can be counter productive and for a small/local company an absolute waste of money.

Where can i buy/change my domain extension?

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